CodeSkool Programs

School Programs

This 160 hour class is taught to high school students with an aptitude and an interest in Computer Science and Information Technology. Structured to provide the knowledge and skills required to build dynamic end-to-end web applications, students leave this class with a proficiency in web development. This program is essential for students looking to be job market ready or students who wish to continue their education at a post-secondary school.

After School and Summer Programs

These courses offer an abbreviated course length, but still provides a structured cirriculum that teaches students real word applications. These interactive, hands-on classes are great for schools that don’t currently offer coding instruction as part of the school’s cirriculum. Course options include a “full stack” rapid skills training, front end or back end focused immersion. CodeSkool courses can be tailored to meet the calendar needs of each school.

Career Training

The potential for technology education to boost prosperity for an individual, a household, a community is undeniable. Providing job seekers and underemployed individuals with the skills to find employment in a higher wage, high growth sector is the mission of this CodeSkools program. The students gain an understanding of the basics of computer science and information technology, then hands on training that prepares them to enter the workforce immediately upon completion.

Corporate Training

With unmatched resources, our team leads the way in corporate training. Whether its a refresher course for employees, employee or client training on a specific program or proprietary platform, or a full service hire, train and manage scenario, CodeSkools will work with your company to provide a targeted and effective solution.