The Curriculum consists of either a seven week Immersion ACADEMY or an 8 month SCHOOL YEAR program that places students in classroom exercises and real world programming / development enviorment; amplifying their knowledge on how to design and implement application.

Major topics covered during the sessions include:

  • Introduction to Computing
  • How to Design and Interface
  • Basic Understanding of Computational Logic
  • How to Build a Web Site using HTML/CSS
  • Introduction to Java Script
  • Introduction to Database Design and SQL
  • How to use Service API’s
  • Object Oriented Design and Programming
  • Ruby on Rails/Python

The students will perform a combination of design projects and coding assignments that build up upon each other and allows them to advance their proficiency in order to design and build their own final project.

Projects they will work on include:

  • Logic Programming using Scratch
  • Design and Develop a Website using HTML and CSS
  • Structure an Interactive website using Java Script
  • Format a SQL database using MySQL
  • Building a transactional web application using all components

The primary attribute of Codeskools’ program is the immersive environment for knowledge retention methodology we provide to each Academy/School for their student’s success.

  • USB Flash Drives which contain all programming material required
  • Instructor Lesson Plans
  • Training for Instructors
  • Instructor Materials including Slides and Lecture Notes
  • Interactive Quizzes and Exams
  • Examples of completed projects for comparison
  • Online assistance to instructors and Students as needed
  • Supplementary Topics for Group Discussions