About Us

Developed by GAV, CodeSkools launched its initial coding academy as a community development initiative for Broward County, Florida Public Schools in the summer of 2017. Leveraging the experience from that first program, CodeSkools designed a high impact cirriculum and support program that creates measurable results for schools and organizations.

Our programs have been adopted by workforce development agencies and some of the largest public school districts in the country, including Washington, DC, Philadelphia County, and Miami-Dade, Orange, Indian River, and Broward Counties in Florida.

Thomas Buchar & Christopher Malter//
Founding Partners, GAV

Global Accelerated Ventures is a globally recognized innovation aggregator that identifies, develops and brings to market game changing emerging technologies in Fintech, Health Care and Education. GAV created CodeSkools to level the workforce playing field for individuals from all socio-economic levels and prepare them for high demand opportunities in the digital workplace.

Mark DeMeo//

For more than 20 years, Mark DeMeo has been managing large data transformation projects for clients including AC Nielson, CNA Insurance, GE, St. Jude Children’s hospital, Tracfone Wireless and the U.S. Department of Defense.  Mark’s main areas of expertise are in IT startegic planning, talent and systems acquisition and implimentation ,and Data Management and Integration.  Mark joined CodeSkools early on in the venture, excited to bring his experience and knowledge to students with a passion for technology.  Mark shares with our instructors, class developers, and our students, his working understanding of the application of technology in the corporate world and of the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the IT Industry.

Roger Rodriguez//
Curriculum Director & Lead Instructor

Roger Rodriguez was hooked on coding at age 14 and that led him to study Computer Science at MDC. Roger has held positions as a Full Stack Engineer, Block Chain Engineer, and Game Developer. He is an instructor of Web Engineering at UCLA and UCF. Roger’s passion for coding, teaching and empowering others is evident in the praise he gets from his students.

Jeff Templeton//
Business Development Manager

At 18, Jeff Templeton was selling education and test prep courses to students at the University of Michigan. After 10 years in sales and almost 15 years in the advertising industry, Jeff never imagined he’d be back in private educational development again. Jeff understands the value of creating partnerships with School Administrations, Career Development Agencies and Corporations to train individuals for high demand, well paying jobs.