About Us


Our Mission is to provide a comprehensive platform for students to bridge the digital divide and become immersed in the Information Technology experience. By providing both classroom training and simulated IT project environments, we allow the students to experience real world situations in requirements, design, coding, testing and project management.

To achieve this mission, CODESKOOLS provides an unparalleled platform for students because it is based on our experience of training developers that we have hired and mentored in our own companies. The curriculum is built around insuring that the students achieve coding proficiency by providing pre-built environments to work in, encouraging them to collaborate with others, develop an understanding of how to logically attack a business problem, and how to utilize external sources to construct solutions.


Codeskools launched its initial coding academy as a community development initiative for Broward County, Florida Public Schools in the summer of 2017. Leveraging the experience from the first program, Codeskools designed a high impact curriculum and support program for instructors to create measurable results in their communities.
Codeskools is now deployed within several US school districts and provides support to several counties and NFP’s for summer coding academies. In 2018 Codeskools starting training School Teachers and Independent Instructors through our licensing programs.
Codeskools also partners with local businesses to create Student Project Symposiums to allow school districts and students to showcase their experience and knowledge.