Educate & Empower

CodeSkools was built to prepare and empower students for careers in the digital workplace. We’ve worked with businesses, workforce development agencies, and some of the biggest school districts in the country to train and mentor individuals with an aptitude and enthusiasm for Coding. Creating virtual, in-classroom, and self-paced online classes that prepare our students for today’s knowledge-based economy.

What sets us apart is that our courses are built on our experience as professional developers. As such, we focus our program on a foundation of computer science understanding and gaining solid technical skills, while also learning to create applications. Our students graduate with a proficiency in Coding, prepared for the rapid pace of college computer science courses, or equipped and ready for secure employment in the technology sector.

Since our first class in 2017, our team of highly skilled web developers and experienced instructors have worked to create “full stack” web application development programs that give our students the knowledge and skills necessary to advance their career path.

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